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Losing a loved one, whether through a sudden accident, a violent act, or through prolonged disease or illness can be emotionally and financially devastating. The high medical bills, lost wages, and emotional upheaval associated with a loved one’s death can send a family reeling, unsure where to turn to make ends meet and to begin the path towards normalcy.

But when the loved one died as a result of the wrongful acts of another, Florida state law offers a way forward. At Cotter & Zelman, P.A., we fight for the rights of family members and dependents in wrongful death suits. As former prosecutors with over 65 years of combined experience representing the legal needs of Florida individuals and families, we have the experience, tenacity and know-how to represent you and your family to get the wrongful death recovery you deserve and to force all liable defendants to take responsibility for your losses. Contact our experienced Winter Park wrongful death attorneys today.

Who Can Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida

In Florida, a wrongful death claim is brought by the personal representative of the deceased’s estate, and the claim is brought on behalf of the estate itself and any survivors of the deceased. A survivor can include a deceased’s spouse, children, parents, and other dependent relatives. Thus, if a father was killed, leaving three children, a wife, and a mother-in-law behind, all of whom he financially supported, the personal representative of the father’s estate could, as the plaintiff, bring a wrongful death claim on behalf of all the survivors for the following damages:

  • Loss of financial support
  • Loss of companionship and protection
  • Mental pain and suffering
  • Funeral and medical expenses
  • Loss of earnings between the date of injury and date of death

We will work with the personal representative as well as affected family members to bring a wrongful death claim for the full damages suffered by the family and estate.

Winning Your Florida Wrongful Death Claim

To win a wrongful death claim, the plaintiff must show that the defendant’s wrongful act, negligence, default, or breach of contract or warranty caused the death of the decedent. This means a defendant can be liable to surviving family members in a wide variety of circumstances, such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents (car, truck, motorcycle)
  • Boating and water accidents
  • Violent acts resulting in death (regardless of whether criminal charges were brought or the defendant was determined to be guilty)
  • Construction accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective drugs
  • Products liability

Proving causation can be extremely complex, and defendants may do everything they can to avoid liability by deflecting fault and putting blame on others, including the victim, but we will begin investigating your wrongful death claim as soon as possible and will fight to hold the defendants responsible for their actions. Throughout every aspect of your wrongful death claim, we will employ our combined six decades of courtroom and investigation experience to argue and win maximum compensation for the wrongful death losses suffered by you and your family.

Contact Our Winter Park Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you have lost a family member upon whom you were dependent in Florida due to the wrongful actions of another, contact Cotter & Zelman, P.A., for professional assistance in obtaining the wrongful death recovery you deserve. Contact us at 407-629-4711 to schedule a free consultation.

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